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Role of the District Clerk

Caroline Woodburn, Potter County District Clerk 

Potter County District Clerk's Office is probably best known by the general public for its jurisdiction over the selection of prospective jurors for 11 courts. Juries are drawn from a jury pool, which consists of names of registered voters and/or holders of a Texas driver's license or identification card.

The Potter County District Clerk's Office has other far-ranging duties and plays a key role in the day-to-day operation of county government. In one of its more monumental tasks, the District Clerk's Office is responsible for custodial care and safekeeping of all court records for five district courts and two county courts at law located in Potter County. In conjunction with its court duties, the office also functions as the fee collection office for court costs. The District Clerk's Office also serves as the custodian of over $3 million in funds paid into the registry of the court for the benefit of minor children.

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