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Please see our new site for up to date information

Get Started with efiletexas.gov for Filers

The Supreme Court of Texas mandated electronic filing for all civil cases. Although the date for mandatory filing for Potter County is January 1, 2015, Potter County District Clerk started accepting efilings November 1, 2013. Electronic filing allows you to file your civil documents anytime, anywhere. Criminal e-filing is mandated for filings June 2018. All you need is a computer and internet access. Filers have a choice of Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSP) which link to a portal for efiling. Go to efiletexas.gov for a list of the Electronic Filing Service Providers. Your choice of EFSP will submit the filing through efiletexas.gov to the participating District Court of your choice. Clerks are then able to process your filings electronically and you will be notified via email that your filing has been accepted. Electronic filing enables you to successfully submit your filings with no lines, no rush, no paper, no problems.

Instructions For E-Filing With EFileTexas.Gov
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