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P. O. Box 9570, Amarillo, TX 79105-9570

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Information Management Policy

Art. 51.303 of the Texas Government code designates the District Clerk as the official custodian of the court records. In that capacity, the District Clerk is required to carefully maintain and arrange the records deposited with the clerk. The Clerk is further charged in Art. 51.304 with the duty of permanently preserving the records. Therefore it is important that the Clerk establish a responsible, accurate, and efficient information management program.

Method of Delivery

Statute 51.318 mandates the District Clerk to receive fees for providing specific information regarding court information including cause number and for providing searches to ascertain the existence of an instrument or a record. In order to avoid confusion or errors, it is preferable to receive request information in writing. The clerk suggests the following methods to obtain specific case information.

1. By personal inspection.Those who wish to obtain information about a court case may appear in person at the office of the District Clerk located at 501 S. Fillmore Street, Suite 1-B, Amarillo, Texas.The Clerk maintains a computerized database and provides public access computer terminals for inquiry into that database.A cause number is required to locate case files. The District Clerk also generates numerous statistical and administrative reports that are available for purchase (see fee table below).

2. Written requests.For those who cannot or do not wish to personally visit the office, written requests may be mailed to P. O. Box 9570, Amarillo, TX79105-9570. A request form is available on the Clerk's web page for download at: w5.co.potter.tx.us/districtclerk/forms.htm.

3. Internet access. Potter County has a Internet access via a Public Access Portal for basic judicial case information. Go to "mypottercounty.com" to register for the Portal. Choose the case information link to register. Only Attorneys of Record may have access to view documents. The general public do not have access to view documents as per TRCP 21c(c) and (f). "Documents which contain sensitive data must be redacted unless the information is specifically required by statute, court rule, or administrative regulation. Documents that contain sensitive data must not be posted on the Internet."

Fee Table

Type of Request Amount of Fee Authority
Certified Copies 1.00 per page plus postage 51.318 Tex. Gov. Code
Non-certified Copies - by mail 0.50 per page plus postage 51.318 Tex. Gov. Code
Statistical/Administrative Reports - by mail 0.25 per page plus postage 51.318 Tex. Gov. Code
Case History reports - non-certified - by mail 0.25 per page plus postage 51.318 Tex. Gov. Code
Case History reports - certified - by mail 1.00 per page plus postage 51.318 Tex. Gov. Code
To search for a cause number 5.00 per name per docket 51.318 Tex. Gov. Code
To ascertain the existence of an instrument or record 5.00 per record 51.318 Tex. Gov. Code

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